Citizens with the Saints

Lyman N. Harding

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The Rt. Rev. George C. Lemmon


Archdeacon Harding has done a wonderful service for the Church. Readers will experience history and become part of what has made this Diocese of Fredericton special. I thank God for His blessing upon His Church both before and since 1845. Those whom He called to leadership in this Diocese brought particular gifts which enabled the Church to experience both grace and growth.

We learn from history, and discover something informative, interesting and inspirational. It is said a people without a past have no future. Here is evidence we are a people with a past. Today We must go forward under God's leading into ministry to build up the body of Christ and in mission to extend the kingdom.

This book is informative. Our first Diocesan, and Metropolitan, John Medley, was a man with a vision reflected within this Diocese. Bishop Kingdon was a leading scholar of the Canadian Church. John Richardson was known as a great preacher. William Moorhead oversaw developments which serve today. Archbishop O'Neil strengthened the Diocese and Archbishop Nutter enabled us to move forward.

It is interesting to discover Bishop Medley dealt with a divided Diocese by praying every day for his clergy. Bishop Kingdon was forced to deal with Mrs. Medley. Archbishop Richardson guided the Church through war, prosperity and recession. Bishop Moorhead started Camp Medley and provided leadership in educational and social concerns. Archbishop O'Neil oversaw an era of expansion with provision of clergy for all parishes. Bishop Nutter's Charges forced us to look at the Church's role in the world.

There is inspiration as each Bishop offered his gifts and was a blessing le the Church. Each both challenged and brought change which on occasion forced a reluctant people to grow. We still struggle "What is the basic unit, Diocese or Parish?" We have been episcopally led and synodically governed. We share in a ministry of bishops, priests and people, united under Jesus as Lord, led by the Holy Spirit, to enable the Diocese of Fredericton to fulfil God's will and be to His glory.